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National Post Canlit LiveBlog today at noon

Today at noon, I’m thrilled to be participating in a live blogging session with some very big names in Canadian Literature (I’ll be representing the little names in Canlit!).  Also on the panel will be:

We’ll be live blogging and responding to “audience” questions and comments on a range of topics including:

  • New generation of writers in the spotlight
  • Awards submission processes
  • Author of the year
  • New trends in publishing
  • This year’s surprises
  • How to measure the success of your book
  • How awards change the process

I’m looking forward to it.  Here’s the link for this live blogging session.  Come and join the conversation…

One response to “National Post Canlit LiveBlog today at noon”

  1. metro mama says:

    It’s gonna be awesome. Have fun!

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