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No Relation a Globe and Mail Bestseller

It was thrilling to learn yesterday that just three days after being published, No Relation debuted at number five on the Globe and Mail bestsellers list. I well remember when Up and Down was published, it opened at number seven. So this feels good. Of course, it happened because so many friends, family, and yes, perfect strangers, pre-ordered the novel or bought copies this week. I’m blessed and grateful. Thank you, all. Let the touring begin! It’s Creemore today, Thornbury tomorrow, Toronto Monday, Lindsay Tuesday, Toronto again Thursday, then Montreal on Friday. And that’s just the beginning…

Globe Bestseller List May 24-2014

One response to “No Relation a Globe and Mail Bestseller”

  1. Kelly Asselstine says:

    Ironic that what is sandwiched between “S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed ( a bit of erotica) and “The Son of a Certain Woman” is “No Relation” lol

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