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The High Road Podcast: Chapter 11

This week, courtesy of McClelland & Stewart, Chapter 11 brings to a close Part One of The High Road as we experience the tension of Election day. Lots happening in this episode, including a last minute look at the numbers in C-P, a polling station photo-op, enduring the election returns on TV, and the Angus McLintock campaign party. But will it be a victory bash or a wake?

The music that opens each episode is Game Day, by Jon Schmidt, and is available at Music Alley. The voiceover at the beginning belongs to my friend, Roger Dey.

2 responses to “The High Road Podcast: Chapter 11”

  1. Alexandre says:

    Bonjour Terry,

    After I finished listening to The Best Laid Plans last week, I was very eager to know how the characters and the story would continue. I’m very glad to be listening to The High Road every morning and afternoon walking to and from work.

    Your novels about an honest politician who isn’t in it for personal gain almost make me want to consider perhaps one day maybe having a political career. Almost.

    I listened to chapter 11 this morning. One thing bothered me (first time since beginning of TBLP). On E-day, Addison helped Stonehouse “get out the vote” in hopes that more votes for Stonehouse would deepen the conservative voters’ split. However, doesn’t “getting out the vote” simply mean that the people who already support Stonehouse will go out to vote for Stonehouse? That would have no impact at all on the Fox votes. Addison’s anonymous help should have been to reduce the votes for Fox, not increase the votes for Stonehouse… Did I miss something?

    From a new fan,


  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Very good question, Alexandre. You’re right. I suppose I might have been referring to the need to get those undecided conservative voters to come out and vote for Stonehouse rather than for Fox, but I can see how it might be confusing. Good catch…

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