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The High Road: Chapter 15

This week, Chapter 15, courtesy of McClelland & Stewart. In this episode, Angus and Daniel put the finishing touches on their bridge report, and spend some time with the U.S. Secret Service. Sounds like fun.

The music that opens each episode is Game Day, by Jon Schmidt, and is available at Music Alley. The voiceover at the beginning belongs to my friend, Roger Dey.

One response to “The High Road: Chapter 15”

  1. flora Clark says:

    I was waiting, impatiently, for my copy of The High Road to be delivered from Amazon, so, it was with delight I heard Chapter 15 in advance. In October the book group I belong to at Barrie’s Public Library will be discussing Best Laid Plans and it will be great fun to let the others know there is a sequel.

    If only we could find an Angus…perhaps the Ottawa high jinks could be derailed.

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