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Winnipeg Free Press reviews THR (Wow!)

Reading reviews is often a heart-wrenching, stomach-turning exercise that can leave you elated, enraged, or any point in between. I’m happy to report that I’m squarely in the “elated” category after reading the Winnipeg Free Press review of The High Road that ran this past weekend. One line in particular is already etched in stone in my memory:

“In The Best Laid Plans, the Toronto-based former Liberal Party strategist introduced us to a new brand of political satire– the most irreverent, sophisticated, and engaging CanLit has seen since Stephen Leacock.”

Wow. I’m bowled over and grateful. Here’s the review:

One response to “Winnipeg Free Press reviews THR (Wow!)”

  1. Congrats Terry!

    I’ve yet to dive into the new one, but if it’s anything like your first, the accolades are well-deserved.

    Enjoy the spotlight!


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