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Q & A with The Mark

I’ve been scanning The Mark ever since discovering that my friend Mark Lefebvre is a regular contributor. Last week, they called and we did a Q&A that went live this morning. We covered a fair bit of turf in the interview and I hope you find something of interest in it. My thanks to The Mark.

Coincidently, the photo they’ve used is from the 2007 launch of the original self-published edition of The Best Laid Plans in the McMaster University Books Store, graciously organized by none other than Mark Lefebvre (who writes and blogs under the name Mark Leslie).

2 responses to “Q & A with The Mark”

  1. Christine says:

    Any chance your books will be made into a TV show or mini-series? I’d love to see who would play Angus!

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Yes, CBC Television is developing The Best Laid Plans into a six-part miniseries. Shooting could start as early as the fall of 2012. No word yet on casting. Should be a fun ride…

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