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The High Road cracks the top 10

Okay, you know when I wrote in an earlier entry that I would try not to be quite so self-indulgent in my blog posts? Well, I’m still committed to that, but am requesting special dispensation to record the good news that The High Road has for the first time, cracked the BookManager Canadian Fiction Bestseller List, checking in at number eight. Undoubtedly pulled along by The Best Laid Plans, which is still basking in the Canada Reads afterglow. It’s a thrill to see both of my novels in the Top 10.

I promise a humbler writing update on novel number three shortly…

2 responses to “The High Road cracks the top 10”

  1. Tim Crawford says:

    “Water For Elephants” gets listed twice?

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    One of the benefits of having a new edition tied to the movie that hit theatres recently. Good for Sara, a fellow Canadian…

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