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McMaster TBLP launch a success




Last Wednesday I traveled to Hamilton, Ontario and McMaster University where the campus bookstore hosted my first book launch and signing. Mark Lefebvre organized the event and promoted it in various ways including posters around campus and a Facebook event page. It’s been nearly 25 years since I left Mac so I was not expecting much of a turnout. My good friends, political science professor Stefania Miller and former McMaster Associate Vice President Jack Evans were stalwart supporters. Stef introduced me with very kind words and then they both stayed with me for the two hours of the signing keeping me company. They also bought about a dozen books for Christmas gifts. Above and beyond the call!

Over the course of the signing and in the following days about 20 books were sold. With no previous experience as a comparison, I’ve decided to be very pleased with the outcome. It was well organized and I had a great time talking with those who attended. Thanks to all those who came and of course to Mark Lefebvre who pulled it all together.

4 responses to “McMaster TBLP launch a success”

  1. Mark Leslie says:

    Hey Terry – it was our pleasure having you return to campus and allowing us to host an event for your book at our store.

    And an aside for fans of Terry’s podcast, it was a real treat hearing Terry talk about and reveal some of the insights into the writing of the book. He’s as fascinating and wonderful a speaker in person as he comes through in the reading of his podcast version of the novel.

    BTW, I started Chapter 10 this morning and am just loving this book. Excellent writing, Terry! I’m very much enjoying the characters and the story.

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Mark. Very kind of you. Here’s hoping you run out of copies at the bookstore and need to place a second order! Talk to you soon…

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  4. […] the photo they’ve used is from the 2007 launch of the original self-published edition of The Best Laid Plans in the McMaster University…, graciously organized by none other than Mark Lefebvre (who writes and blogs under the name Mark […]

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