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CBC TV mini-series based on TBLP


I’ve been sitting on this news for a few months now, but it’s finally official. The Best Laid Plans is in development as a six-part mini-series to be aired on CBC television. Jian Ghomeshi made the announcement as part of the big reveal this week of the five finalists for this year’s Canada Reads crown. A hugh crowd was gathered in the atrium of the CBC Broadcast Centre. It was a great event, but I confess my heart was pounding as Jian told the assembled throng that The Best Laid Plans was headed for television. What a thrill.

The director/producer of the mini-series, Peter Moss, is a very experienced television and theatre veteran having adapted the works of others writers including Mordecai Richler and Timothy Findley. The writing team is in place and they are true professionals. I’m honoured to have the story in their hands. You’ll hear more about them and the cast when all of the pieces are in place.

Jian Ghomeshi announces the TV mini-series.

This all began back in the summer when Peter approached my agent, Beverley Slopen, and me to secure the film and TV rights to the novel. It’s incredibly exciting to contemplate the story coming to life on the small screen. I’ll get to stay involved in the project throughout as a “story consultant,” not so that I can jealously protect my work, but really just to indulge my curiosity about the whole process of adapting a novel to television. I think it’s going to be a fascinating experience. I couldn’t be happier about how it’s all come together. I”ll keep you posted as we cross certain thresholds in the production. But it’s going to take a while. We’re probably at least 18 months away from seeing Angus on television. Be patient, art takes time! Thanks for all your kind words since the news broke, and stay tuned…

Jian Ghomeshi had me stand up at the Canada Reads launch after announcing the mini-series.

29 responses to “CBC TV mini-series based on TBLP”

  1. Krista Daley says:

    Terry, I just finished the book. It was a wonderful read. I love politics and so find that aspect very engaging. Equally, I enjoy novels set in Canada that also explain our environment well – small town, living on lakes/rivers, snow storms. All of it. I am looking forward to watching the CBC series – a great illustration of supporting and preserving our own culture. I will also confess that watching the grief journey was beautiful. Anyone who has lost someone dear to them could feel his grief and respect his journey – it made me cry but in a good way. Cheers

  2. Diane Walton says:

    This is great news! I quite enjoyed the book, and am happy for its success. Trying to anticipate who will play Angus…..

  3. Dan York says:


    Wow! CONGRATS on this amazing news! I look forward to hearing about the next steps in the production… and to someday seeing it. (Will we outside of Canada be able to see it?)

    And we who tuned in to those initial podcasts can say “we knew him when…”. 😉

    So thrilled for you (and all of us who enjoyed the stories),

  4. Congrats Terry!

    Glad to hear the dream keeps coming up with new rainbows for you.


  5. Eden Spodek says:

    Congratulations, Terry! What wonderful news and how exciting. When will you be publishing a story based on your experience with TBLP? For those of us who know the high-level details, it’s been quite inspiring and a lesson for other authors.

  6. […] by Mordecai Richler and Timothy Findley, will direct and produce the series. In a blog post, Fallis writes that he will work with Moss and the creative team as a story consultant, “not so that I can […]

  7. Kiza Francis says:

    This is super exciting! As someone that works for the Federal Government…..and….took Engineering at Ottawa U….and lives somewhat close to Cumberland – I’m excited to see how they’ll do this! (I’m really curious to see about that Starbucks in Cumberland that I seem to recall…..from the book) 😉

    I can’t wait to see who gets cast as Angus!

  8. Debbie Adams says:

    Congratulations! What a thrill so see your book come to life on TV. I look forward to seeing it.
    The CBC must have read High Road too as inspiration for their news feature The Big Fix.

  9. Bodi says:

    We read “The Best Laid Plans” for our bookclub a few months ago … I quite enjoyed it, and have also since read “The Hight Road”.

    I don’t know how much (if any!) sway you would have in casting, but my vote is for Billy Connelly as Angus …

    Jus’ Sayin’.

  10. Bryan Person says:

    What wonderful news, Terry. Congratulations on another well-deserved milestone!

    I’m a year late, but I’m now in the throes of “The High Road.” Enjoying the chapter-by-chapter podcast version, and am once again sucked into the adventures of Angus, Daniel, and company. I’m also reminded just how funny you are!

    Keep up the great work, Terry.

  11. Douglas Walker says:

    Congratulations on the mini-series, Terry. Excellent news!

    I am not sure what you do better; write good stories or position yourself at the nexus of Can-Con;)


  12. tommynomad says:

    Congratulations Terry. Loved the book,eager to see what the CBC folks do with it.

    Billy Connolly +1!

  13. Timothy Peters says:

    I have been a fan of yours for a while now ever since I stumbled into the Best Laid plans while looking for new podcast novels to read. I eagerly await your title and now as an added bonus I eagerly await this television series. I am sure that having your book on television will skyrocket your sales even further if the tv writers are as great as you claim they are.

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  16. Peter Spurr says:

    I’m an admirer of Terry Fallis’ writing, a longtime Ottawa bureaucrat and former Cumberland resident, who is looking forward to the TV version. Hopefully, John Baird will agree to play Emerson “Flamethrower” Fox, because no-one could do it better! The Lions Hall in Cumberland or the Navan Curling Club would be true, iconic settings for the political meeting where Daniel has his crisis. And many Cumberland residents know a former postmistress who would be a natural for Muriel.

  17. […] Canadian producers Phyllis Platt, Brian Dennis and Peter Moss recently formed PDM Entertainment, a Toronto-based television production company. Projects in development for PDM Entertainment include TV-movie adaptations of Louise Penny’s Three Pines crime novels, and a six-part miniseries based on Terry Fallis’ political satire, The Best Laid Plans. […]

  18. Birgitta Buchanan says:

    Gordon Pinsent to play Angus please.

  19. Sean Horne says:

    When I read this book… I thought instantly of Billy Connoly… he’d be absolutely perfect for the role. The accent… the crazy hair… I’d even be willing to bet that Mr. Fallis thought of him when writing the book. Connoly’s just such a great archetype and a perfect fit for this particular role.

  20. I think Gordon Pinsent would do a great job playing Angus. Hope CBC agrees with me

  21. […] progress was made on the CBC Television miniseries based on the first half of The Best Laid Plans. Scripts for all six episodes, penned by the star […]

  22. […] Terry Fallis is the author of The Best Laid Plans, and The High Road, satirical novels of Canadian politics. His debut novel (TBLP) was originally self-published in 2007 and won the 2008 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. Then McClelland & Stewart published TBLP in September 2008. He also won theGold Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Regional Fiction – Canada East category. In 2010, the Waterloo Region chose The Best Laid Plans as the One Book, One Community selection. In February, 2011, The Best Laid Plans was crowned the winner of CBC Canada Reads as the “essential Canadian novel of the decade.” In November 2011, CBC-Television announced that The Best Laid Plans is indevelopment as a six-part TV miniseries. […]

  23. Pat Brown says:

    I just finished Up And Down and once again I was not disappointed You make me proud to be a Canadian , please keep writing your delightful books.

  24. […] In 2007, he became an author and published his first book Best Laid Plans which won the 2008 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.  He followed that with two more, High Road, and most recently Up and Downin 2012.  In November 2011, CBC-Television announced that Best Laid Plans is in development as a six-part TV miniseries. […]

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  26. Alvin Lee says:


    Congratulations on the book, its wide recognition, and its metamorphosis into a satirical mini-series for TV. There must be a vital connection between all this and your earlier days as president of the student union at McMaster University, though I haven’t quite defined what that connection is. You were an honest, straight-shooting student political leader then and it’s not surprising now to see your literary and political successes. Cheers.

    Alvin Lee

  27. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks so much, Alvin. I have no doubt that McMaster played a powerful role in everything I’ve done since, including writing!

  28. Susan&Sari&Wendy says:

    Dear Terry
    My sisters and I are watching this. This is my third time watching the first 3 episodes. And we all all laughing out loud. Angus has been perfectly cast and Addison is great too and Stanton and Quinby. Thanks so much, It is a 10 out of 10.

  29. gloria kazda says:

    Thanks so much for writting such an intelligent, funny t.v. show. The characters were perfectly cast – loved Angus McLintock – we could use him on Parliament Hill. I hope this isn’t the end of the series – would love to see more and how Angus shakes up the government.

    Don’t stop now – please.
    Gloria Kazda

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