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Five years later…

Time to look back on my writing year, as I’ve done annually since starting this blog back in January, 2007. It was another year of counting my literary blessings. Here are a few highlights that made 2011 such a memorable year for me:

As you can see, it was a very happy fifth year in my life as a writer. I am one, very grateful novelist.

Looking ahead, there’s more excitement coming in 2012. First and foremost, my third novel will hit bookstore shelves in September. Beyond that, who knows?


4 responses to “Five years later…”

  1. Happy 2012! You are a relatively new Facebook friend and a great addition to my virtual reading … As a recent, first-time author, I very much appreciate your honesty, admitting how thrilled you are about your success! Too many people would try to conceal their “Gee Whiz” feelings, but you let them all out! It’s wonderful and inspiring … although almost unCanadian! Thank you and keep them laughing, Kathleen

  2. I met Margaret Atwood the same weekend as I met you – in Muskoka – and I must say you both made a huge impact on me.

    Since then (and since your kind words of encouragement), I have gone on to write more than 55,000 new words of my novel – an incredible feat. I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I have you to thank. So, yes, meeting Margaret Atwood was phenomenal, but no more phenomenal than meeting Terry Fallis.

    I have passed your book titles on to many of my friends and they all love your books and can hardly wait for number three. Also, I can hardly, hardly wait to see what the CBC does with Best Laid Plans.

    You have had a wonderful year and totally deserve all of it. May the muse of 2012 smile just as kindly.

  3. Angela says:


    Happy new year and a heartfelt congratulations on every success and the many more en route; you are an inspiration for so many of us with stories yet untold.

    Very best,

  4. Timothy Peters says:

    off topic but I thought you might have a political theory on this. What is your opinion on the U.S. Congress and their latest internet bills SOPA (I dont know what the initials are but I know what they imply)

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