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Up and Down Podcast coming soon…

I’m pleased to announced that the first chapter of the podcast version of my new novel, Up and Down, will be released  in the coming days. As I did for my first two novels, The Best Laid Plans and The High Road, I’ll be uploading one chapter of Up and Down each week until it’s finished. And yes, you’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve decided to upload the podcast chapters in chronological order. With 17 chapters, that should mean that the final episode should be posted sometime in October. The McClelland & Stewart print version will hit bookstores in mid-September. You can find the podcast on iTunes (just search my name in the iTunes store), or here at www.terryfallis.com.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and that it won’t discourage you from buying a copy of the book when it’s released in September. In fact, the idea here is that by the time you’ve listened to the podcast, you’ll be dying to rush right out to your local bookstore to buy a copy. A word of warning, a couple of the characters in the novel are southerners. In the podcast, in case it’s hard to tell, I do my best to put on a southern drawl but I don’t think I’ve actually nailed it yet, so be patient. I’m not great with accents. It took me a long time to figure out how to do a passable Scottish brogue for Angus McLintock in my first two podcast novels (and still, it’s not great!). I may eventually get the southern drawl down pat, but it may not be for a while!

Please feel free to pass along comments, positive or negative, on the podcast here on the blog, or even over on iTunes. I very much welcome listener comments.

You should find Chapter 1 of Up and Down posted in the coming few days. Happy listening!


One response to “Up and Down Podcast coming soon…”

  1. Penny Preston says:

    I was at your presentation in Collingwood on Wed. I have read & thoroughly enjoyed both “Best Laid Plans” & The High Road” & so was really looking forward to your talk & you certainly did not disappoint. It was funny (in fact hilarious), informative (loved your stories of trying to get published)& wonderful to hear the author actually read some of his work (complete with Accents).
    As a political junkie, I live in hope that some of our current crop of idealogues playing chicken with our democracy will read your books & Take some instruction from Angus who puts Canada before partisanism.
    Can’t wait for “Up & Down” & hope we get more of Angus et al at a later date.

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