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Congrats to Cassie Stocks on her Leacock win

I know how Cassie Stocks feels. Late last month, Cassie won the 2013 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour for her debut novel, Dance, Gladys, Dance. I was there, too. The look on her face when her name was announced from the podium was priceless, and confirmed that she had no expectation of winning. I’m thrilled for her. I know what winning the Leacock Medal can mean to a writer. I hope that it buoys her writing and her book sales and leads her to more literary recognition, because she deserves it. Dance, Gladys, Dance is a wonderful, warm, funny, and heartfelt novel that I think Leacock himself would have enjoyed.

I was honoured to be a finalist again this year for Up and Down. But I was very happy for Cassie Stocks. Write on, Cassie…

One response to “Congrats to Cassie Stocks on her Leacock win”

  1. Chris Lindsay says:

    Hi Terry:

    Just finished Dance, Gladys, Dance which I found only mildly amusing – where Up and Down was laugh-out-loud funny, so I can’t say I agree with your generosity on this one.

    Also recently read No Relation and did enjoy it, but again didn’t find it nearly as funny as Up and Down or your first two books. My husband and I are eagerly awaiting more on Angus McLintock and friends.

    One of your fans,

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