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Coming soon: The High Road Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce that McClelland & Stewart, my progressive publisher, has allowed me to follow the tradition I began with The Best Laid Plans, and podcast The High Road, chapter by chapter, in its entirety. And yes, it will be free. I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of podcasting to build an audience, even for literature. I also believe that if listeners like what they hear, even if it’s free, a good portion of them will go out and buy the book. That was my experience with TBLP. I’m ceratin we sold many more copies of the book thanks to the podcast. As I understand it, M&S has never before allowed one of its authors to do this so I am deeply grateful. This decision reflects enlightened thinking by a traditional publisher and a willingness to test the social media waters and explore how it can help drive interest in, and sales of, a book. In this case, my book. Think of it as new media supporting old media.

As I did with TBLP, I’ll be uploading one chapter each week until the entire novel is available to anyone with a high speed internet connection. Chapter 1 will be uploaded sometime over the weekend of May 29th. It’ll be available here at www.terryfallis.com and of course over at iTunes and many other podcast directories. M&S asked that we time it this way so that the novel will be in bookstores before the podcast is actually finished. Seems reasonable to me. So stay tuned. Chapter 1 of The High Road is coming soon to ear buds near you.

One response to “Coming soon: The High Road Podcast”

  1. Hi Terry:

    The new blog design is gorgeous & I can’t wait to start listening to the podcast in just a few short weeks!


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