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Humbled by my university…

Last night, my wife, Nancy, and I got all dressed up for a big formal shindig in Hamilton. It was the annual Applause and Accolades awards dinner for McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering. Though it may seem strange to some, I earned my degree in mechanical engineering from McMaster and have always been proud to wear the iron ring on the pinkie of my working hand. Last night, despite never practicing formal engineering for a single day in my life, I was humbled to receive the L.W. Shemilt Distinguished Alumni Award named for the revered Dean of Engineering who served for my first couple of years at Mac. It was a wonderful evening.

My deep gratitude to the current Dean of Engineering, Dr. Ishwar Puri, and his team who made all of this happen. I’m also grateful to President Emeritus Dr. Alvin Lee and my editor Douglas Gibson for appearing in the video used to introduce the award last night. Feeling very blessed today…

Shemilt Award

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