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The Hon. Allan Rock is in the house…

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This is a funny book that could only have been written by someone with firsthand knowledge of politics in Canada, including its occasionally absurd side. It is a great read for anyone thinking of running for office, and especially reassuring for those who have decided not to.”

The Hon. Allan Rock, former Justice Minister and Canadian UN Ambassador

Over the years, I’ve been very lucky to have met and spent time with many outstanding public servants and politicians.  The conversations I’ve had with Allan Rock on many different topics rank up near the top for me.  He may not remember, but before he even secured the nomination for his first and successful run for federal office, we spent a day together helping our mutual friend Tom Allison run the Hon. David Collenette’s nomination meeting.  I knew that day he’d go far.  Later, we spent time together in a hospital room supporting a very close friend we share.  Allan is thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, and passionate about public service.  Allan Rock is also very generous.  You can imagine how thrilled I am that he’s provided the kind words above to support my humble novel. 

Allan, thanks so much for reading it in the first place, for liking it, and for going public.  I’m grateful, and no longer as anxiety-ridden as I was when you were reading it.

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