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TBLP Publishing Schedule (tick tock tick…)

The dog days of summer seem to drag even slower when you’re navigating the labyrinthine publishing process. Everything seems to take a very long time. Here’s where we are in the process, what remains to be done, and some general timelines:
– Production (laying out the pages of the novel – now in process) – another two weeks

– Proofreading (a final professional proofread) – three weeks

– Author proofing (my last chance to review the final copy) – up to two weeks (but I won’t take that long)

– Making corrections – one week

– Final production – two weeks

When this is complete, the novel will immediately be available through the iUniverse online bookstore but it usually takes another three to ten weeks for the book to be listed in the mainstream online book sites including Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Put it all together and we’re looking at another ten weeks(!), or early October(!) before the first copies of TBLP will be available at the iUniverse bookstore, and several weeks more for mainstream online availability. I actually don’t yet know when the novel will be on display at an Indigo store, but you’ll know shortly after I do. All I can say is, we’re still in time for the holiday season!
Stay tuned…

8 responses to “TBLP Publishing Schedule (tick tock tick…)”

  1. Joe says:

    Terry, good luck with the book. But I have to tell you that your latest update sort of depressed me. My iUniverse book is at the same stage…final production and professional proofread…but I’m still hoping for an early September release. Right now they have me working on the marketing plan for my local Barnes & Noble store. Your PSA wouldn’t be Rachele Walter would it? What was the outcome with your cover…did it change? Anyway, best of luck with your release!

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Hey Joe,

    I know what you mean. It seems to take so long. When I started this process in January, I figured I’d be in print by early summer! Earning Publisher’s Choice (good news) lengthened the process considerably (not so good news). In the end, having the novel on a display table in a local Indigo (Canada’s Barnes & Noble) makes the extended production schedule worth it I think. The cover did change. You can see the new cover design on the blog as part of the post immediately prior to this one. I’ve just reviewed the rest of the cover layout for both the hardcover and the trade paperback. Very cool. I also have just received the “book block” all laid out so iUniverse is two weeks ahead of schedule. In three weeks I should have the professional proofreading results and it’s on to author proofing. Hope springs eternal. Love to hear more about your book…

  3. Backbayzona says:

    Hi Terry: That’s great news that you got the block early. My status shows “Post Production Editorial” which I hope means the professional proofreading has begun. You can check out Solemnly Swear at http://www.joeporrazzo.com and see my new cover (starting to grow on me). I think we have a lot in common as our feelings, fears and excitement take over down the homestretch…I started the process in February. Good luck with the author proof.

  4. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Joe. Nice to connect with someone who seems to be sitting next to me on the roller-coaster! I’ll check out your book. Stay in touch…

  5. Backbayzona says:

    Hey Terry. Let’s hope the roller coaster stays on the track. I like your new cover–even though I liked the first better, I can see why they went with a new one to meet industry standards and “buyer appeal.” If you notice, my first cover had some “plain Jane” that they did away with for a new “modern” look. At least they kept a lot of your original concept. Best of luck! Joe

  6. Terry Fallis says:

    Fingers crossed for us both…

  7. Jon Hoel says:


    A big project – I’m looking forward to reading the finished result!

  8. Ustinov says:

    And there is what some alternative? 😉

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