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Ben McNally Books first to carry TBLP!


Ben McNally is leading figure in Toronto’s literary firmament. And I’m proud to count him as a friend. I met him first nearly 20 years or so ago when he was the manager of one of Toronto’s finest bookstores, Nicholas Hoare. Well, in the last week, Ben has launched an exciting new venture, Ben McNally Books, a new and wonderful independent bookstore in the heart of Toronto’s business district. I’ve just visited his new space and it is a beautiful, warm, and welcoming place for the true book lover. For those of you in Toronto, you’ll find Ben McNally Books at 366 Bay Street.

We had a wonderful visit and I gave him a signed copy of TBLP. He may not even yet know that he is named in the acknowledgments. Ben offered advice and support when I was trying to navigate the publishing labyrinth. While I know I’ve buried the lede, the best news I’ve had all day came when he offered to carry TBLP in his amazing new store. So Ben McNally Books becomes the first bricks and mortar bookstore to offer The Best Laid Plans. I’m grateful Ben, thank you. Feeling good today…

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