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Amazon.ca lists TBLP with a reader review


It took an extra week or so but Amazon’s Canadian site has just listed TBLP eliminating any cross border issues for Canadian buyers. It’s available to order in hardcover and trade paperback. As well, my good friend Peter Nosalik has already posted a positive review. Here’s what he kindly wrote:

“The Best Laid Plans is a completely satisfying novel. The narration flows easily, the characters are recognizable and the plot is compelling. Best of all, the battle between political ideologies is fought by equally strong opponents and the outcome is a complete surprise. The descriptions of Parliament Hill from behind the scenes were fascinating. I especially enjoyed the glimpses of real political maneuvering. Obviously written by someone “in-the-know”. Highly recommended.”

Thanks Peter.

2 responses to “Amazon.ca lists TBLP with a reader review”

  1. Robert Kawaratani says:


    The Best Laid Plans is also listed on amazon.co.jp. 2,202 yen for the paperback edition and 3,425 yen for the hardcover edition. I just started listening to (and enjoying) the podcast version.

    @Komae-shi, Tokyo

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    It’s always very cool to receive comments from other parts of the world. I think this may well be our first comment from Japan. Glad you’re enjoying TBLP, the podcast, and hope you get a chance to read TBLP, the book. I’m actually quite curious to hear how the podcast experience differs from the book experience, if at all. Thanks for checking in…

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