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CanLit Roundtable transcript available

As promoted earlier this morning, I did in fact participate in the National Post‘s first live blogging experiment with a host of prominent authors and publishers today.  It was a little surreal sitting at my desk over the lunch hour typing in my modest contributions and enjoying the insights of my fellow live bloggers.  Towards the end, the floor was opened for visitors to ask questions.  The technology worked well.  Click here or on the photo montage above to review the transcript of the live blogging session.

2 responses to “CanLit Roundtable transcript available”

  1. Terry, I just read the transcript. Live blogging is a neat idea. Wish I could have made the time to participate as a visitor but then being with such literary heavyweights, I’d be tongue-tied or rather finger-frozen… Have fun at your readings and book signing – the pace of your ascent in the literary world makes me dizzy … thrilled to have you as a friend.

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    You’re too kind Peggy. I’m just enjoying the ride…

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