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Mark Leiren-Young picks up his Leacock


Last night I was back in Orillia, Ontario, for the annual Leacock Dinner at which the 2009 Leacock Medal was presented and I guess you could say I officially surrendered my sash as the 2008 winner.  Mark Leiren-Young was as wide-eyed as I was a year ago as he signed his winning book, Never Shoot A Stampede Queen, and humbly received the good wishes of the few hundred guests at the gala dinner.

Mark is an accomplished artist.  He’s a filmmaker, screenwriter, comic, and writer.  His acceptance speech at the dinner last night was wonderful.  Funny, thoughtful, self-deprecating, and warm.  I hope he sells a ton of books.

We’re going to meet when he’s next in Toronto and I’ve promised to show him the secret Leacock handshake.  Mark, enjoy every moment of this ride…

3 responses to “Mark Leiren-Young picks up his Leacock”

  1. I met Mark when he was first touring the stage version of what would beome “Stampede Queen”.

    I am SO happy for him. This is one of the coolest things ever to happen to a friend of mine.

  2. Ian Ferguson says:

    I’m pleased that you and Mark are planning a get-together – you should get along like a house on fire. Odd expression, that…supposed to be a positive – sounds like a negative. I mean, a house on fire? Seriously? It was great meeting you, and your turning over of the sash to Mark couldn’t be more gracious. Congratulations to you both – well-deserved winners and welcome additions to the rather impressive list of past Leacock Medal winners.
    Cheers, Ian (me)

  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Just had lunch with him today. Great guy blessed with great humility after such wonderful recognition. A man after my own heart. Hope you’re well…

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