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Amazon update: TBLP hits #1 (for at least an hour anyway)

Amazon #1 Politics Bestseller

I promise not to keep showboating but I really did have to record this.  Besides, this humble blog doesn’t have legions of readers so I really consider it a bit of an online scrapbook of my unexpected tour of the publishing world.  Anyway, now that I’ve discovered that I can track TBLP on Amazon’s Bestseller list in the “Political” genre where it’s been categorized, I happened to take another look tonight and discovered it had gone to number one.  I swear neither I, nor my family, placed any orders this afternoon to game the system.  I don’t even know how the rankings are established.  Amazon claims to update the list hourly and it seems they weren’t kidding.  I imagine TBLP could just as easily slip out of the top 100 if I wait long enough.  Hence the screen shot captured for posterity’s sake.  Thanks for your indulgence.

Update one hour later: I was right.  An hour or so after I published this post, TBLP fell to #2 behind The Kite Runner.  Glad I got the screen shot at the top of this post.

2 responses to “Amazon update: TBLP hits #1 (for at least an hour anyway)”

  1. Gabriel Sekaly says:

    Terry…very impressive…Not many people can say that they are #1!

  2. Guy Skipworth says:

    Congratulations on zooming to the top. Reminds me of a story a radio guy told me about his early days on a Barrie radio station. The news director came in and told him to add more Toronto stories to the newscast because the latest ratings showed a spike in Toronto listeners.

    Turned out the announcer’s mother and sister living in Toronto had both been surveyed. In the next report, the Toronto audience was back to the traditional lower level.

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