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TBLP makes the “Canada Also Reads” longlist

This morning, the National Post‘s Canada Also Reads longlist was released. There was some criticism of the annual CBC Canada Reads selections this year. Not because they weren’t all great books, but because many of them were well-known, already-recognized CanLit offerings. So the National Post, using Twitter, solicited nominations for an alternative program dubbed Canada Also Reads. Nominated books had to have been published in the last two years. There was quite a response from Canadians. The good news is that TBLP made the cut, albeit, along with 60 other books. There are some big name writers on the longlist including: Michael Crummey, Cory Doctorow, Cathy Marie Buchanan, Pasha Malla, Lorrie Moore, Donna Morrissey, Alice Munro, and Zoe Whittall.

The next step, sometime early in the New Year, is the announcement of five finalists, and five panelists to defend the shortlisted books. If you’re interested in being a panelist, just send an email to theafterword@nationalpost.com with the name of the book you’d like to defend. Who knows, your book choice may be a finalist and you could be a panelist. Thanks to all of you who nominated TBLP for the longlist. It seemed to work!

6 responses to “TBLP makes the “Canada Also Reads” longlist”

  1. Terry, that’s so wonderful. Can’t keep up with your amazing literary journey, all the events awards, readings, etc. It’s awesome that you manage to do it all while finding time to read, write a new book and work full time at Thornley Fallis. Got to take some lessons from you. Wishing you success for The High Road. And all the best to you, Nancy and the boys for 2010.


  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks so much Peggy. Have fun at the photo exhibition and we’ll see you in new year…

  3. So looking forward to Canada Also Reads. Nice loooonnng list.

  4. Terry Fallis says:

    I agree. Very exciting. I’m pleased to be on the list with you. All the best. (I loved your book…)

  5. Terry I couldn’t’ find you email. I am going to see you at the writer’s conference on May 1st. I am speaking at dinner but coming early to attend your shameless promotion seminar. See you then,
    Cathy Gildiner

  6. Terry Fallis says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

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