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Chapter 17: May 4, 2007

This week, Chapter 17 including: The government takes an unexpected hard right turn; Angus tangles with the Speaker and the Sergeant at Arms; a troubling look inside Ottawa River Aggregate Inc.; Angus and Daniel meet with the workers; Angus writes in his diary.

Comments are invited right here on the blog or send me an e-mail to tfallis@gmail.com. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for Chapter 18.

The great music featured in the podcast is by Jon Schmidt and is called Winter Serenade. It is available from the Podsafe Music Network. My friend Roger Dey provides the voice that opens the podcast. The photo at the top of the blog page was taken by, and is used with permission from, Mr. Ron Boisvert.

5 responses to “Chapter 17: May 4, 2007”

  1. John says:

    Great chapter can’t wait until the end.

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks John, won’t be long now…

  3. Excellent episode once again, Terry. I was listening to Angus’s “the government lied to me” speech during a morning workout at my local YMCA this morning. His fighting words motivated me to go one more mile than I had planned!

    Funny note: a couple of weeks ago I took to doing something that I almost never do these days — flip through the TV channels. And what should I stumble upon but a session of Question Time from the Canadian House of Commons on CSPAN. Much like the QT sessions in Great Britain and Australia that I’ve seen, it was pure theatre. I actually founding myself waiting for Angus to pop onto the screen, too.

    And when one of the honourable ministers rose to deliver a question holding, gasp, a piece of paper, I just shook my head and thought to myself, “Angus would never approve.”

    Keep up the great work, TF. Can’t wait to hear how it all ends!

  4. Dan York says:

    Terry, how exceedingly cruel you are! There I was driving along caught up in the story when I heard the transition music fading in… and immediately thought “No! He can’t leave it *there*! He wouldn’t do that to us… wait, I want to know what happens!” But as I heard the intonation of “The Diaries of Angus McClintock”, I let out an “Arrrggghhhh” and knew then that I would indeed have to wait until next week!

    Very well done… and I do look forward to what your “penultimate” episode brings to us (which, when I heard you say it, gave me a laugh… words like that have faded from common usage, but we can again rely on the man from “Inside Proper English” to keep our speech usage colorful).

    Looking forward to hearing how the story works out…

  5. Terry Fallis says:

    Hey Dan! Yours is just the kind of comment fledgling authors love to receive. Glad it kept you hanging. We’re in the home stretch now. I intend to post the final two chapters before I head off to Virginia on May 16th. Thanks for being such a loyal listener…

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