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My “blurb” on Don Gutteridge novel makes cover

When Simon & Schuster Canada asked me if I’d read an advanced copy of Don Gutteridge’s fine historical thriller Turncoat, I readily agreed. I love anything historical and Don does a wonderful job evoking life in 1830s Upper Canada. The story reels you in and holds you till it’s done. I really enjoyed the story and the central character, young Ensign Marc Edwards.

Here’s what I submitted to Simon and Schuster Canada:

“Don Gutteridge has taken up his quill and written a riveting yarn of 1830s Upper Canada, steeped in conspiracy and political intrigue. Gutteridge is not only a master of this historical period, he writes like a veritable visitor from it. He put me right there alongside his young Ensign Marc Edwards on this first exciting adventure, and I’ll be with him for however more there’ll be in this wonderful series. Canadian history has never been more gripping and enlightening. The story burns, the pages turn, and reader learns. Fans of Bernard Cornwell and Patrick O’Brien and Don Gutteridge and his Marc Edwards Mysteries.”

Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans

I never expected a portion of my blurb would make it to the cover of this great novel.

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