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TBLP cracks the National Bestseller list at #13

I’ve been told by a number of folks in the publishing biz that Canada Reads really does move books in this country. The Canada Reads books sell. Well, I certainly believe it. The impact of being a Canada Reads finalist has been swift and significant for my novel. BookManager, a supplier of software and data solutions for the publishing industry, releases a national bestsellers list weekly. The Best Laid Plans has never come close to appearing on the list, until now. On a whim, I checked out the Canadian Fiction Bestseller list and was bowled over to see TBLP at lucky number 13. Another Canada Reads finalist, Ami McKay, is well up near the top at number five! I’m not surprised. The Birth House is a great read.

This is just another reminder of how lucky we are to be on the Canada Reads list…

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