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Jim Cuddy and Ali Velshi plug THR on CBC’s P&P

What a thrill it was to watch Jim Cuddy and Ali Velshi square off against NDP MP Pat Martin on Evan Solomon’s show Power & Politics on CBC News Network. You can watch it here (fast forward to start at 1:19:09 into the show). The sometimes heated discussion revolved around my second novel, The High Road. Jim and Ali were very supportive while Pat Martin wasn’t such a big fan. The debate went on for a good 15 minutes or so and actually included a reading from THR by the very Scottish National Post columnist, John Ivison. In the end, I think fair-minded viewers would feel encouraged to pick up the book on the basis of Jim and Ali’s positive reviews. I confess it was a little surreal to watch my second novel being discussed on television by such high fliers who had obviously read the book. Yes, it was quite a thrill…

4 responses to “Jim Cuddy and Ali Velshi plug THR on CBC’s P&P”

  1. […] of The High Road by Terry Fallis on CBC which I discovered on Terry’s website, having missed it on TV. I was pleased to catch it and, when marvelling at the wonder of the […]

  2. Chris says:

    What a fun clip, Terry! How about Pat Martin? You can’t accuse him of being boring.

  3. Lisa MacColl says:

    The High Road is even BETTER than The Best Laid Plans, and the first book was really good.
    the hummer ribbon scene is still my favorite.

  4. […] the Canada Reads as one of the top five books of the DECADE and his second book, The High Road, is being debated on TV!  I hope he will read my final draft of The Wicked Problem (and that you will read his novels). […]

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