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Thanks Canada Reads – TBLP now a #6 bestseller

Wow, the list moves fast. Having just posted about TBLP hitting #13 on the BookManager National Canadian Fiction Bestsellers List, I was surprised to see that this afternoon, it’s actually moved up to the #6 position. Unbelievable. My friend and fellow Canada Reads finalist, Ami McKay, is still shooting up the charts with The Birth House now sitting at #4. Looking at the other amazing authors on the list, I’m humbled by the company I’m suddenly keeping. What an honour. At the risk of repeating myself to the point of annoying, thank you all…

One response to “Thanks Canada Reads – TBLP now a #6 bestseller”

  1. Congrats Terry! (Though it must be killing you that there’s a typo of sorts in BookManager’s description of your book…)


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