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Up and Down: Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, David and his sister Lauren, make their mother’s final arrangements. Then, David makes a few arrangements of his own.

Next week Chapter 10 as all hell breaks loose, when Sarah Nesbitt’s story breaks loose.

The voiceover that opens each podcast episode was provided by my friend, Roger Dey.

Comments are always welcome here on the blog, via email to tfallis@gmail.com, or even over at iTunes.

5 responses to “Up and Down: Chapter 9”

  1. Rachel Korosec says:

    Go Landon! Chapter 9 was so exciting, I love David’s plan to help get Landon into space. Crossing my fingers for next week.

    Thanks for these exciting podcasts!

  2. Guntaas says:

    There no longer seems to be a download or podcast available here for Chapter 9, at least I’m unable to see one at the moment. Where else could I download it? Thank you!

  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Let me try to find out what happened. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry I’m just seeing this now.

  4. Faith says:

    There is still no podcast attached to this post. ??

  5. Terry Fallis says:

    Sorry for the delay. I think I’ve fixed Chapter 9 now. Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure how it disappeared.

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