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TBLP earns iUniverse Editor’s Choice


Well, I’m feeling quite chuffed right now so forgive me if I strain my shoulder patting my own back for just a moment. I was just informed that The Best Laid Plans has been granted the Editor’s Choice designation by an editorial review board at iUniverse. I’m not completely sure what it all means (kind of like the iTunes rankings!) but apparently it’s given to a relatively few books published by iUniverse and is supposed to indicate that the book is well-written, well-structured, and “meets high editorial standards.” According to the letter I received, it’s iUniverse’s way of signalling to booksellers and booklovers that while TBLP is a self-published novel, it is “a first rate book, worthy of anyone’s bookstore attention.” Very gratifying development as we head into the home stretch. Next stop, refining the cover design and copy. I’ll keep you posted.

Travelling Note:

I’ll be out of the country until Monday, May 21st and regrettably will not have internet access where I’m going.

One response to “TBLP earns iUniverse Editor’s Choice”

  1. Dan York says:

    Congrats, Terry!

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