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TBLP earns Publisher’s Choice


The folks at iUniverse have just informed me that The Best Laid Plans has now earned the Publisher’s Choice designation.  This means a new cover design has been approved.  With the Publisher’s Choice designation, TBLP will now be featured on a prominent display table in at least, one Indigo location (Canada’s equivalent of Barnes and Noble) for two months.  This is great news but it has come with some minor misgivings.  The new cover developed by professional designers and approved by the Publisher’s Choice committee may take some getting used to.  As I’ve said before, I still love the clean and classy look of the cover developed by my friend and colleague Steve Palmer of 76design, but it didn’t pass the test with the Publisher’s Choice committee.  I’m the first to admit that I’m no designer (my colleagues often remind me of this), but I do know what I like.  The new design uses the same elements I submitted in the original cover, but uses them differently.  I’ll post the new design when I have the final version and you can judge for yourselves.  The new cover is growing on me but I still take wistful glances at the original design.


Could I refuse the new design and insist on the one that’s been sitting at the top of this blog for months now?  Technically, yes I could, and I considered this option.  But, the chance to display TBLP on a table at the front of at least one Indigo store is an opportunity that comes to very, very few self published authors.  I was torn, but will be using the new cover design.

I’ll post the new look in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

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