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TBLP Photo Challenge

My friend and fellow PR podcaster (PR Junction) Jon Hoel in Melbourne Australia has been a big supporter of TBLP from the outset and I’m grateful. His latest idea to build profile for the novel is to have photos of the novel sent in to the TBLP Facebook group page against the backdrop of whatever city or town (mountain, lake, field, forest, etc.) the readers inhabit. Interesting idea. So far on the Facebook group page, there are three photos: Jon’s from Melbourne, Francis Wooby’s from Kingston, Ontario, and Shawn Murray’s from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. While the idea hasn’t exactly gone “viral” yet, it’s still early days. So if you have a copy of TBLP, grab your digital camera, contribute a photo, and let’s see how many we can get. Thanks for the creative idea Jon.


Jon’s photo taken in Melbourne

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  1. […] My paper copy of The Best Laid Plans, written by fellow PR podcaster Terry Fallis, arrived in my mailbox a few days ago. So as promised in a previous blog post, I ventured into Boston to grab a few shots of the book as part of Jon Hoel’s “photo challenge.” […]

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