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Getting ready for a short Niagara tour

Next week I’m off to speak about, and read from, TBLP at the public libraries in Fort Erie and Pelham, in the Niagara region.  It’s been in the works for a while now and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve done a couple of interviews with the local media down that way and the resulting stories are starting to emerge. I hope the media coverage helps to draw a good crowd for the events.

Though I’d never thought of it, a couple friends have asked whether I would read from the manuscript of the TBLP sequel, still tentatively called The High Road. Good question. I suppose I could but I suspect that most of the people in the room will not have read TBLP yet so it may not be particularly meaningful. On the other hand, if most of the audience has read TBLP, they might prefer to hear me read a snippet or two from the next book. I’ll have to play it by ear and decide when I get there.

Stay tuned for a writing update on my progress on The High Road.

Here’s the Niagara This Week story. Ahhh but fame is fleeting. The reporter (very nice guy) actually got my name wrong in the first sentence and in the photo caption calling me first “Doug Falls,” then “Doug Fallis.” It’s already gone to press so the print versions will feature my new pseudonyms but the online story should be okay. He sent me this corrected copy. I thought it was quite funny. He was mortified. No matter. It’s when they stop talking about your book that you have to worry…

Niagara this week article 090924

5 responses to “Getting ready for a short Niagara tour”

  1. Janet in Penticton, BC says:

    This morning at Book Club the women were tossing around suggestions for books to read each month in the coming season.
    Our most honourable senior member–a newspaper columnist & political activist– asked for The Best Laid Plans.
    Our Organizer Person checked with the library and they have a copy.
    I did not say anything about you being Terry’s godson …..but thought you might smile to know that
    your book will be read by at least a dozen of us in this little town of Penticton…. using the library’s copy or buying it.

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    That’s fantastic Janet! I’ve done several book clubs and have really enjoyed the discussion. I hope it goes over well with your club.

  3. Gary Parker says:

    Amongst the usual crop of books I receive at Christmas Terry, was your book, The Best Laid Plans. I must admit that it went to the bottom of my reading list giving way to several much- hyped publications by better known authors. I just finished it this past week and I am recommending it to my friends and family. I read much of you book while waiting in hospital waiting rooms and my belly laughs were deemed inappropriate by my wife who sat beside me. Earlier in the year I lamented the fact that we Canadians don’t have a Barack Obama. Now I’m sorry we don’t have an Angus McLintock. Beyond the good fun I had reading The Best Laid Plans, I appreciated the insights it gave me into the workings of our parliamentary system. I couldn’t resist placing some of the current players on the hill in the skin of your fictional characters. The story could have come out of today’s news. Finally, I noted many familiar names in your acknowledgments including our former much admired MP, Paddy Torsney. Well done Terry, I look forward to your next offering.

    Gary Parker
    Burlington, Ontario

  4. Terry Fallis says:

    Many thanks for your kind words Gary. I think hospital waiting rooms could use a few more laughs anyway. The sequel to TBLP is nearing completion. One chapter left to write. Thanks again.

  5. Dear Terry,

    I had totally forgotten about the reporter’s blunder. Niagara This Week has a new reporter, so perhaps he can give a new article a go. I know you will be or already have been contacted by The Standard which is the major paper in the region. They are planning on a story soon and another one closer to your reading.

    We are looking forward to your reading!

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