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3 responses to “Back cover design for The High Road”

  1. Gabriel Sekaly says:

    Terry…read the back cover description & I’m hooked…September is a long way off!

  2. Terry, I’m curious about the audio podcasts. Do you own them or does McClellan? Have they been released in audio on any format besides podcasts (CD/Downloadable through Overdrive)? I’d love to learn more about how/where the podcasts were produced too. I am a salesperson for an audiobook company, so I don’t work on the content side — but I’d love to learn more so that I can pass information along to our content team.


  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Hi Shannon. Good question about ownership. The podcast was finished a year before I signed a publishing deal with M&S. I believe they now own the digital rights to the podcast.

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