Back cover design for The High Road

Here’s an early peek at the back cover of THR. There may still be some minor tweaks to make, but you get the idea.

3 Responses to “Back cover design for The High Road”

  1. Gabriel Sekaly says:

    Terry…read the back cover description & I’m hooked…September is a long way off!

  2. Terry, I’m curious about the audio podcasts. Do you own them or does McClellan? Have they been released in audio on any format besides podcasts (CD/Downloadable through Overdrive)? I’d love to learn more about how/where the podcasts were produced too. I am a salesperson for an audiobook company, so I don’t work on the content side — but I’d love to learn more so that I can pass information along to our content team.


  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Hi Shannon. Good question about ownership. The podcast was finished a year before I signed a publishing deal with M&S. I believe they now own the digital rights to the podcast.

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