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Up and Down: Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, David makes a harrowing journey out to Cigar Lake, British Columbia, and comes face-to-face with the elusive Landon Percival, the Canadian winner of the Citizen Astronaut contest. Landon is neither the winner David was expecting, nor the one Crawford Blake directed him to find.

Next week, Chapter 7 as we learn more about the extraordinary life of Landon Percival.

The voiceover the opens each podcast episode was provided by my friend, Roger Dey.

Your comments on the podcast are always appreciated here on the blog, or via email to tfallis@gmail.com.


One response to “Up and Down: Chapter 6”

  1. Mrs. Lynn Clark says:

    Dear Mr. Fallis,
    I really enjoyed your first two books.They made me laugh, and I loved Angus.
    I have been listing to you read from Up and Down and will be purchasing a copy when it is available. I hope Landon gets to go into space ,I`m routing for her , and not just because I`m 65.
    Thankyou for writing such enjoyable books. I`ll be looking for the next one with anticipation.
    sincerely, Lynn Clark

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