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The Ottawa Citizen reviews THR

Hot on the heels of The Halifax Chronicle Herald review, the Ottawa Citizen also read The High Road and published a review today. Memorable lines for me were:

“Fallis is actually intent on making a serious point, or maybe a few serious points.”

“Fallis writes in pictures and even his bit players are well-defined characters that the mind’s eye can see clearly.”

“…an easy-reading page turner.”

“…anyone with even a passing or cynical interest in the political process should emjoy The High Road and after the romp be left with some food for thought, as the author clearly intends.”

As you might have gathered, I tend to gloss over the lines in reviews that aren’t quite so encouraging, but there are some.

This is one of the few reviews acknowledging that I am trying to make a point in the novel, beyond telling a funny story — that this is satire, not just comedy. I’m heartened by that. Here’s the review:

2 responses to “The Ottawa Citizen reviews THR”

  1. Congrats Terry, on the great reviews and the official launch!


  2. […] the Edmonton Journal pops with a nice take on The High Road. While the headline looks like the Ottawa Citizen review, the actual article itself is completely […]

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