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Ali Velshi talks about The Best Laid Plans

My trusty Canada Reads defender, Ali Velshi, CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent, recently recorded a Canada Reads podcast interview. My ears were burning throughout. Ali is very articulate, which you might expect from a professional broadcaster, but what you might not expect is just how thoughtful his insights are about TBLP. All I can say is, I’m glad he’s in my corner. Click here, or on the photo of Ali to read about the interview and listen to it.

We’re in the home stretch now with just a few weeks to go before the great debates that will crown this year’s Canada Reads winner.

3 responses to “Ali Velshi talks about The Best Laid Plans”

  1. Ann Aaviku says:

    I love Canada Reads, because I’m introduced to books that I may not otherwise read. This one is a perfect example. I probably wouldn’t have read it; might not even have picked it up to read the dust jacket; as I’m not overly interested in politics. But what I would have missed! This book was the biggest surprise for me of this years contestants. It seemed the least interesting to me at first glance, but turned out to be the one I could not put down. I laughed out loud every other page; I totally believed the characters, and missed them when the book was done. This book is essentially Canadian, totally engaging, and I’ve already recommended it to all the readers around me, and its my favourite choice for Canada Reads!

  2. Albert Ashley says:

    I was asked to become the candidate for a Riding after the candidate dropped out shortly before the election. My Wife who questioned my mental stability gave me the BLP book which her book club had just finished. I have 3 people on my campaign and basically my truck is my campaign headquarters. We have no funding and little help , no signs (yet) and I am leaving in 2 days for a pre planned vacation. If I happen to win I’ll be Angus2.

  3. Terry Fallis says:

    What a story! I’m pulling for you… Good luck and I hope it goes well for you!

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