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We’re shooting up the iTunes rankings…


A friend just pointed out that The Best Laid Plans is number #32 in the Canadian iTunes Top Podcasts listing, in the Arts category and Literature subcategory. Apparently, we also sat for some time in the “New and Notable” window. I have absolutely no idea what it means or how it’s measured. I just think it’s kind of neat (and we’re ahead of the Barnes and Noble Meet the Writers podcast at #42, one of my must-listen podcasts!). Many thanks for listening and pushing TBLP up the charts… whatever it means!

2 responses to “We’re shooting up the iTunes rankings…”

  1. Jon Hoel says:

    Congratulations on shooting up the iTunes ranking, and on taking The Best Laid Plans to the publication stage. I’m sure with your social media-led campaign, it will be a great success.

    Jon Hoel
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Jon. And thanks for the IPR plug prior to your Bob Pickard interview. Very kind of you…

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