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TBLP is now officially a book

Yesterday was a big day in the life of this humble endeavour. Not only did Amazon list The Best Laid Plans, but later in the afternoon, a box arrived bearing my author copies of the published novel. I opened the box and found 20 trade paperbacks and one hardcover. It’s hard to describe the feeling. My friend and client Joel Frey recently blogged about seeing and holding his newly published book, Two Sides of a Cypress Wall, for the first time. I can relate Joel.

Now we’re really just waiting for the other online retailers to list TBLP and then the heavy sales and marketing effort begins. Many have told me that writing the book is the easy part. Building profile and driving sales is tough slogging.

10 responses to “TBLP is now officially a book”

  1. John says:

    Congrats Terry:

    I just ordered my copy of the book. Very cool.

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Hey thanks John. You may well have the distinction of buying the first book. I’m grateful. I hope you’ve started an unstoppable trend!

  3. Joel says:

    Congrats Terry! I will order very soon and can’t wait to read it. Very cool that we saw our finished products just within a few days of each other. Best of luck in the days ahead. I’ll mention TBLP in my next post! Cheers!

  4. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Joel. By the time you finish the novel, you’ll know more about Canadian politics than most Canadians!

  5. Congrats to Terry Fallis on …

    Congratulations to Terry Fallis on the publishing of his novel, The Best Laid Plans! He also notes that the book is now available on Amazon.com! For those who haven’t been following Terry’s work, he started podcasting his book out chapter…

  6. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Terry. I will be buying a copy. OK, that’s three sales so far! ;-))
    And MANY MORE to come!

  7. Terry Fallis says:

    Wow thanks Dan and Donna. Very kind of you. Donna, it should be available online at Chapters-Indigo in the next few weeks. Amazon is apparently always first out of the gate with new listings but it’s not quite available yet on the Canadian Amazon (.ca). Dan, you can already get it directly from Amazon in the U.S. Happy reading (I hope!)…

  8. Jill Pyle says:

    Congrats Terry! I can only imagine how great it must have felt to open that box.

  9. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Jill. I admit it felt a little surreal. I’ve calmed down now to the reality that having a book in print is easier than moving that book off the shelves! Take care…

  10. […] posted when my author copies of the original version of TBLP arrived almost exactly one year ago.  Here’s the post from September 6th, 2007.  My how my writerly life has changed in twelve short months.  What a […]

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