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Harbourfront Update: I survived…

What a wonderful night it was.  I enjoyed a leisurely dinner beforehand with the other two accomplished writers on the program, Fred Stenson and Andrew Davidson, the host of the event Geoffrey Taylor, and Alison Pick, a respected poet and writer who introduced the writers on stage.  They are all warm and engaging people.  Then we headed over to the event in the Brigantine Room.  Fred and I sat in a dressing room of sorts backstage and signed books before we were all led out for the start of the reading.  As the rookie, I was relieved to be going on stage first.  I had quite a cheering section at the back that erupted when Alison introduced me.  Thanks to my family, bookclub friends and ball hockey teammates who were there for moral support.

When I took the stage, I discovered that the bright (and I mean really bright) theatre lights meant that I could nothing in front of me.  It was as if a black curtain had descended directly in front of the podium.  It was a little unnerving as I like to make eye contact with an audience, which is difficult when you’re essentially blind.  Nevertheless I made it through my 20 minutes with a few chuckles from the crowd.  It seemed to go well.  After Fred and Andrew read, we all signed books.  It was a great way to begin the many speaking and reading gigs lined up for the coming months.

Thanks again all those who attended and to Frances Bedford for getting me on the program.  Tonight, it’s Readings at the Roselawn in Port Colborne.

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