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THR Podcast moving up the iTunes charts

I just checked iTunes to see where The High Road was sitting in the Literature podcast rankings and was pleased to discover that it’s now at number five on the charts. The THR podcast also seems to have breathed new life into The Best Laid Plans podcast, now more than three years old. The TBLP podcast is currently the 17th most popular literature podcast on iTunes. The media coverage of the announcement of the THR podcast has clearly helped. The downloads are growing daily and at a much faster clip than the TBLP podcast ever did. Here’s hoping the listeners keep coming…

3 responses to “THR Podcast moving up the iTunes charts”

  1. Gary Schlee says:

    It’s great to see the second book unfold, Terry. And so much easier to find it in iTunes than Best Laid Plans was in the early chapters a few years ago!

  2. Jesse Woodward says:

    I found the High Road via Itunes. It was the cover art that actually grabbed my attention, and after listening to the first episode, I realized it was a sequel. Great stuff! I am really getting a kick out of it. Halfway through the Best Laid Plans, and I look forward to listening to the sequel.

  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Jesse. Welcome aboard!

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