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I work with wonderful people…

When I arrived in the office this morning, I had a sense something was up. Eventually, I was summoned to our lunch area and was greeted with the sight of the most amazing cake I have ever seen. A reproduction of the cover of my new novel in cake form. I have no idea how Caralin, the cake creator and fiancee to former colleague and good friend Dave Fleet, managed to pull off this culinary miracle. I’m awestruck at the creativity and deeply grateful for the wonderful people I spend my days with in the Toronto office of Thornley Fallis. Thanks for a wonderful morning surprise. Digging into my own chocolate cake was a great way to start my Friday, although it seemed a crime to bring a knife anywhere near this masterpiece.

3 responses to “I work with wonderful people…”

  1. Wow–a book AND chocolate cake all in one! Can life be any better?

  2. […] through, and looking forward to having more time for reading it now. Incidentally, check out the sweet treat that Terry’s friends made him–I can’t imagine anything more […]

  3. […] a shot of Terry cutting his cake!  You can read about his reaction on his blog.  Congrats again, Terry – I can’t wait for your next […]

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