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Up and Down podcast cracks the top 4 in iTunes

The iTunes charts have always been a bit of a mystery to me, but I confess I do occasionally check them out. Even though I’ve only posted the first two chapters of the Up and Down podcast, it seems it has already managed to climb into the number four position on the iTunes Literature Podcast charts (yes, there actually is an iTunes Literature Podcast chart!). This is great news. Thanks to all the listeners who have already subscribed. Where will it be tomorrow? Who knows? But it’s nice to be up near the top on the strength of the first two chapters alone. Now, on to Chapter 3…

2 responses to “Up and Down podcast cracks the top 4 in iTunes”

  1. Wow – congrats! (Got to do some mowing tonight, so it’s on to Chapter 2… looking forward to it.)


  2. […] The Up and Down podcast was a great success. Episode 1 was uploaded on June 6th with the final episode going live on September 21st. To date, nearly 2,500 people all over the world have listened to the podcast. At one point last June, it ranked number 4 on the iTunes literature charts. […]

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