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No Relation to be published in Taiwan

Well, it’s official. Last week, we inked our first foreign publishing deal through the international network of my wonderful agent, Beverley Slopen. The respected publishing house Shui-Ling Culture and Books will translate the novel and publish it for the Taiwanese market. They hope to use the same cover design. My heartfelt thanks to Beverley Slopen who has worked tirelessly to take my humble novels beyond our borders. And now those efforts have paid off.

I often hear other authors being introduced as being translated into 23 foreign languages and sold in 34 countries, etc., etc. Well, now we can say that we’re translated into ONE foreign language… and I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s hoping this is the thin edge of the wedge and that other foreign publishing deals will follow. And if they don’t, well, we’ll always have Taiwan!

Here’s a Taiwanese book site that is already promoting No Relation and, as far as I can tell, discussing my strange publishing journey.

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  1. […] 21st, just one day after my fifth novel, Poles Apart, is released in Canada. And no, I have no idea why we landed a publishing deal in Taiwan, I mean beyond the tireless efforts of my literary agent, Beverley Slopen, and her global network […]

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