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Poles Apart: Chapter 2


Welcome back to the podcast edition of Poles Apart. In this episode, Everett heads down to Orlando to help his father recover from a stroke and is caught off guard by a chance meeting with one of his father’s fellow patients at the rehab hospital. Here’s Chapter 2.

Of course, your comments are always welcome here on the blog, or via email to tfallis@gmail.com. You’re invited to follow me on Twitter: @TerryFallis.

The voiceover that opens each episode of the podcast belongs to my good friend, Roger Dey.


One response to “Poles Apart: Chapter 2”

  1. June Gardiner says:

    Thank you for your latest book. Now I know what I am buying for Xmas presents for members of my family. I read the sample on your website and listened to chapter two. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the book
    I shall be ordering several copies

    Thanks again for giving me an entertaining break in my day

    When I spoke to you in Eganville last year, and you told me the subject of this book, I wondered how you would handle it

    So far it looks like you have another success on your hands

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