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New author photo for The High Road… uh boy…

There seems to be no end of little details to address as the new novel makes its way to publication in September. Today, after procrastinating for weeks, I was finally forced to undergo that often humiliating experience, at least for me, of having my photo taken. I need a new shot for the back of The High Road. Just to put it out there, I take terrible pictures. When I see myself in photographs, the words “Do I actually look like this?” often spring to my lips, in the faint hope that I’ll be told “No, no, no, this doesn’t look like you at all.” Yeah right. Anyway, my twin brother Tim is a great photographer, even when I am the subject. He took the photo that adorns the back of The Best Laid Plans and came over recently with his Canon camera to do the deed. After snapping about 2,300 shots in our backyard (okay, I’m kidding– sort of) and then working his magic in photoshop, we’ve finally decided on the author photo for The High Road. For what it’s worth, here’s the head shot that will appear on the back cover. Don’t ask me if I actually look like this. I really have no idea.

Photo by Tim Fallis

3 responses to “New author photo for The High Road… uh boy…”

  1. […] Tim, an accomplished photographer in off-hours, took the author photo for TBLP and, we thought, took the shot that was originally to have graced the back of The High Road. I quite liked the new photo but some have said that I look a little too serious for the writer of […]

  2. Mavis says:

    I just finished and very much enjoyed The Best Laid Plans thank you.
    A senior ex-school teacher who writes a column in the local Western News (Penticton BC) community paper recommended it.
    Then I decided to check if you have written other books via the internet and have found The High Road, however, it sounds like it may be too soon to borrow it from our library – I will find out.
    (I don’t twitter or Facebook so was happy I could thank you by email.)

  3. Mavis says:

    As previous.

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