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TBLP ships to bookstores!

Well, we’re almost there.  I’ve was informed today that McClelland & Stewart started shipping TBLP to bookstores on September 8th, this past Monday.  Delivery normally takes about seven days for retailers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and about 14 days for the rest of Canada.  So the M&S edition of the novel should start appearing on bookstore shelves sometime next week.

As for online, Amazon seems to have it in stock, ready to send off.

2 responses to “TBLP ships to bookstores!”

  1. Congrats Terry.

    I just checked Chapters. They are showing the McLelland and Stewart edition in their online store. However, the e-commerce button still says “Pre-order today. Not yet released.”

    The neat thing at Chapters is that the book already has 4 customer reviews giving it a rating of 5 out of 5. I’m going to add my review now.

  2. […] Terry Fallis tells us that the McClelland and Stewart edition of his Leacock Award-winning novel, The Best Laid Plans, has now shipped to bookstores. […]

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