The Best Laid Plans (2008)

“In The Best Laid Plans, the former Liberal Party strategist introduces us to a new brand of political satire — the most irreverent, sophisticated, and engaging CanLit has seen since Stephen Leacock.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“This is a funny book that could only have been written by someone with firsthand knowledge of politics in Canada, including its occasionally absurd side. This is a great read for anyone thinking of running for office, and especially reassuring for those who have decided not to.”

The Hon. Allan Rock, former Justice Minister and Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

“Bravo! This is a wonderful book with a clever and funny storyline. Humour and heart run through these pages. The parliamentary setting and the backroom shenanigans reel you in. Readers will never look at a finance minister the same way again!”

The Hon. Paddy Torsney, veteran MP and Parliamentary Secretary

“Terry Fallis’s novel has two things that kept me hooked: characters who I cared about and a story that made me want to find out what would happen next. And often, very often, there was a line that made me laugh aloud or think twice, sometimes at the same time.”

Mike Tanner, author of Acting the Giddy Goat

“Terry Fallis has found the cure for Canada’s political malaise: a stubborn, old, irreverent Scotsman with nothing to lose. Until Angus McLintock walks out of fiction and into public office, where he would surely save the nation, the only place to find him is right here among The Best Laid Plans.”


Tom Allen, CBC Radio host and author of The Gift of the Game

“The Best Laid Plans is amusing, enlightening, and Canadian, and it deftly explores the Machiavellian machinations of Ottawa’s political culture. Wicked political satire.”

The Globe and Mail

“Brisk and humourous.”

The Ottawa Citizen

“Terry Fallis weaves a funny yet tender tale that gives us all hope for the future of democracy. Hilarious and thought-provoking, I literally could not put this book down. I finished it in one sitting, with a full heart and sore sides. With an insider’s knowledge of politics, beautifully developed characters, and a page-turning plot, Terry Fallis has written a winner. Get it, read it, now!”

The Hon. Elinor Caplan, former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration