Up And Down (2012)

“One of CanLit’s crowned king of chuckles, Terry Fallis hits stratospheric heights with his latest well-balanced and unpredictable satire.”

Saint John Telegraph-Journal


“Terry Fallis has done it again. Up and Down is another hilarious page-turner that also packs an emotional punch. Only a very talented writer can balance humour and pathos so skillfully. Beautifully written, these characters rocket off the page and straight into your heart. This is satire at its finest.”

Ali Velshi, former CNN Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent


“A rollicking good ride. Funny one moment, serious the next, always compelling: a reminder that we can all dream.”

Marc Garneau, Member of Parliament and Canada’s first astronaut


“Not too many funny Canucks have ventured to write humorous books. There is Stephen Leacock, of course. And Robertson Davies cranked out a couple. But it is not a large field. Count Terry Fallis among the few to achieve success at the form.”

– Ottawa Citizen

“As plot elements go, space travel and public relations make an unusual combo. But Terry Fallis pulls it off in Up and Down, a breezy, gentle satire.”

“There is Landon Percival, a vivid and dazzling character who dominates the book.”

“He (Fallis) displays formidable chops when it comes to narrative pacing, wrangling subplots, balancing comedy and pathos, and generally moving things along in a sprightly and entertaining fashion.”

Up and Down is a fine specimen of what is too often dismissed as ‘easy reading,’ which is seldom easy writing.”

– The Globe and Mail


“Up and Down kept me smiling, made me laugh out loud, and occasionally moved me to tears. In short, I was entertained. His hilarious running commentary on the minutiae of modern life recalls the comedy of Seinfeld.”

– The National Post


“If Terry Fallis talks like he writes, then I want to meet this man because he is very droll indeed. A sly humour that doesn’t slap you upside the head, but more subtle, with hints of sarcasm, all in a good way.”

– Montreal Gazette


“In Landon Percival, Terry Fallis brings to vivid life an unexpected hero– tough yet endearing, brave yet vulnerable. As told by the adorably self-deprecating David Stewart, Landon’s highly entertaining story of NASA intrigue and public relations high jinks reminds us of what it means to be Canadian.”

Cathy Marie Buchanan, New York Times bestselling author of The Day the Falls Stood Still


“Gently satirical and intelligently frothy, Up and Down achieves a delightful weightlessness as transporting as the space voyage it deals with.”

Andrew Pyper, bestselling author of The Guardians